We work with the 10 best brands of security cameras for video surveillance systems.


It offers a wide range of professional IP Video Surveillance products. Its security cameras have high resolution and sharpness, even with a high degree of movement. Its IP cameras are always at the forefront offering functional solutions to both users and integrators. AXIS has around 36 models plus variations, ranging from simple, professional security cameras, PTZ, Megapixel, PoE, among many others.


It is a brand that recognizes an international level and a long history spoken by itself. Samsung, in the field of security cameras, offers “quality and reliability” with products that exceed the standards of any company. However, in the same way, their prices are not the cheapest. However, Samsung weighs very well in terms of the quality, reliability, and functionality of its security cameras.


The North American video surveillance solutions company offers Eagle-i, RED-i, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Effio security camera lines from the newly renovated analogue solution with 960H resolution. They have been cataloged as alternatives that guarantee the best quality of the image in different contexts and challenges of illumination.


It is considered in the video security sector as the market leader for high resolution video surveillance systems. They do not require a DVR or an NVR. Each security camera has integrated a large capacity computer and it is possible to incorporate Flash memory (MicroSD Card) for internal recordings and even synchronized with a NAS or a cloud.


The different models of VIVOTEK IP cameras cover all the needs of the market. Some of the most popular features we can name Wifi or 3G connectivity, RJ45 (PoE) Ethernet cable connection, night vision, weather permitting (outdoors), motorized one or two degrees of freedom, 360 degree dome camera, and more.


With more than 50 years of experience in the CCTV security camera market with analog solutions and IP cameras, Panasonic has a great offer designed especially for large companies, production plants, supermarkets, sports stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, public thoroughfares, Governmental and educational institutions.


It presents an enormous quality in resolution and sharpness, adapting itself to the content of the scene, the movement and the fluctuations of light. They offer assurances that storage costs and network load are reduced dramatically without worsening video quality. Its security cameras are recognized internationally for their functionality and resistance to extreme conditions.


One of the leaders in high resolution for the IP video surveillance market. The company portfolio includes advances and innovations in front-end, back-end, display and software solutions for the management of CCTV systems. Dahua security cameras are widely used in sectors such as banking, energy, telecommunications and transportation.


After becoming the first NVR manufacturer in 2013, it has maintained its position as the world leader in the production of networked security cameras. Hikvision offers excellent options for video surveillance by introducing new models of network cameras with series of 2 HD lines. Its models can capture images with a resolution of 2048×1536, for identification purposes, and high definition 1080p, for high-quality image performance.


In the field of video surveillance is the world leader in the design of their devices, and is recognized for product innovation. With a resolution six times greater than that of any standard security camera, they offer support, confidence and fully integrated solutions that enhance the performance of any CCTV system.


Eclipse CCTV and Access Control products have raised the bar for innovation in the security industry. As a manufacturer of CCTV surveillance cameras, Eclipse offers a diverse selection of state-of-the-art business and residential security products.

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